Silver Creek High School Multi-Purpose Bldg

The New Multi-Purpose building was completed August 2013 at Silver Creek High School Campus in San Jose, CA. Located in the center of the campus, the Multi-Purpose Building is approximately 17,300sqft and houses a theater with retractable seating able to accommodate approximately 300 people. With the seating folded,

it accommodates a variety of uses in high demand at the campus; testing, food serving banquet, dance, physical education, assembly and color guard practices. The Multi-Purpose building also contains music, dance classrooms, offices and restroom facilities. The exterior of the building has an amphitheater with a large lawn area, perfect for rallies and outside performance.

The design team successfully coordinated all design criteria and requirements during the design phase per District’s guideline and standards which greatly help during construction minimizing RFIs.

Project Detail

Project Name

  • Silver Creek New
  • Multi-Purpose Building,
  • San Jose


3434 Silver Creek Rd,
San Jose CA 95121


East Side Union
High School District