Overfelt Adult Education Center

The new Adult Education Center was completed for occupation by Staff in July 2013 at the William C. Overfelt High School Campus in San Jose, CA. The new two-story facility replaced an existing facility and now provides 18 Classrooms, 2 Computer Labs, Administration Building, Student Lounge and new dedicated parking lot areas. The construction of the new enlarged buildings is approximately 27,738 square feet and has the ability of serving over 5,000 students. With a diverse community from a variety of backgrounds in East San Jose, the new Adult Education Center gives individuals the ability to have a learning experience in a modern and innovative setting. In addition, the center benefits many adults by offering the opportunity to acquire English skills, High School Diplomas, career training and education.

ACEE designed the electrical infrastructure for the facility as well as providing Electrical Performance Design Specifications for the Pre-manufactured 2-story building. In addition, the new facility was constructed directly adjacent to the existing adult education center. The design team successfully coordinated the construction of the new facility, the removal of the existing adult education center and the construction of the new parking lot area on top of the existing adult center location within the constraints and allotted time for the opening of the new school year.

  • Project Name: Overfelt Adult Education Center
  • Location: 1901 Cunningham Avenue, San Jose, CA 95122
  • Owner: East Side Union High School District
  • Owner Contact: Julio Lucas, Project Manager/District Architect; (408) 347-5000
    Carlos Salazar, Project Manager/District Architect; (408) 347-5000
  • Electrical Engineer: American Consulting Engineers Electrical Inc.
    Sammy Fernandez, P.E., (408) 236-2312
  • Electrical System Includes:
    – 2000 Amp Main Switchgear Upgrade
    – Telephone, Communication and PA Systems.
    – Stand Alone Fire Alarm System
    – Intrusion Alarm and Surveillance System
    – Smart Board/Projector connection Infrastructure
    – Title 24 Lighting and Lighting Control panels.
    – LED Parking Lot Lighting
  • Estimated Construction Budget: Project was funded through the Measure E Bond with a Board approved allocation budget of $13,700,000. The final construction cost for the project was $11,770,500.

Director of Adult Education’s Quote

Richard Uribe quoted:

“This new facility is a dream come true for many of us. The community deserves this 21st Century learning environment and they take full advantage of the services offered”